Did God Create the Internet?: The Impact of Technology on Humanity

Did God Create the Internet?: The Impact of Technology on Humanity

Scott Klososky

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Technology is changing how we operate in historically significant ways. It is likely that the digital transformation will continue to evolve with even greater acceleration over the next few decades due to the explosion of new tools we continue to invent. Some of these changes are healthy and positive while others are not. Because the impacts are so dramatic, it would behoove us to form a clearer picture of what is happening to us now, and what will potentially change in the future. We are integrating technology into our lives, bodies and relationships. This creates a balance of sorts where most of things we do in a day includes both a technology component and human interaction.

"Humalogy" is a word that describes the integration of technology and humanity to get a process completed. Once the world is viewed through a humalogical lens, we can begin to understand how technology is changing and how we communicate, learn, build relationships, work and grow. There are unique strengths that technology and human bring to advancing our species. As we struggle to find how to integrate these anyways, there are many interesting questions: 

  • Will technology not only help us learn faster and be smarter, but also help us be more enlightened?
  • As we become more dependent on digital tools, will we lose basic compatibilities that might be needed one day?
  • How aware are we of the healthy and unhealthy impacts of our new technologies on society?

The more pro active we can be in understanding the current and future impacts of technology, The better chance we have of creating a positive outcome. From a spiritual viewpoint, how technology will improve our race - or cripple it - is an intriguing concept to consider. We live in a world of both good and evil and the digital transformation we are going through likely will amplify both our positive and negative potential. The decisions we make in this generation with respect to how we integrate technology into our lives will have far-reaching consequences in the future.

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Publication Date:
March 30, 2016